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Emily Wright

I was born in Buffalo, New York in 1985. For the first 5 years of my life, my family and I lived in the small town of Hamburg which was a bit south of Buffalo. In July of 1991, we moved to the Hudson/Tampa area of Florida. Though I don't visit New York frequently, some of my fondest memories still revolve around the Anchor Bar and Niagara Falls.

My education began in New York when I was 4 years old. School was easy for me and from Kindergarden on I excelled in academia. In 6th grade, my musical interests were truly sparked because I began playing French Horn with the band. Music became my primary goal and interest over the remaining years between then and graduation. In high school, I performed with various honor bands, including the Festival of Winds at the University of South Florida. These interests eventually led me to my first major of Music Business Management.

Numerous things had changed after I graduated high school and ultimately I changed not only my major, but the college I was enrolled in (twice). Now I am a junior at Nova Southeastern University studying for a BS in Computer Information Systems.

Aside from school and my part-time employment, I enjoy many different hobbies. Fire Poi, online gaming, and writing music top my list of favorite activities. I also enjoy painting using the acrylic and watercolor mediums. Political involvement and environmental activism is also very important to me; I belong to a broad spectrum of groups working to achieve various political and environmental goals.

A picture of me and a friend spinning poi on Clearwater Beach, FL

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