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Summary of Possible Locations
Puerto Rico:
Puerto Rico is a rich and diverse land. It holds much potential for our new factory but due to a low unemployment rate, it may be hard to find workers. Puerto Ricans are required to attend school from age 6 to 12. Communication with Puerto Rico via submarine communication lines is very reliable. Transportation is also facile due to its proximity to our offices in Tampa (a few hours of flight is much quicker than a day of air travel). Our products would be of a good quality and would come often, should Puerto Rico be chosen.
Although Mongolia holds many negative aspects, there are many positive ones as well. The literacy rate is very high, but so is the unemployment rate and the country is very poor for its size. The labor force (1.3 million) is equal to Puerto Rico, which is less than half its size. If the country mandates that children attend school and becomes more industry- based, it would be a good choice for our factory.
Morocco, like Puerto Rico, has many positive and negative aspects. Morocco has a very low literacy rate, high unemployment rate, and a bit out-dated government but it is typically industry driven. By placing our factory here we would obtain fair quality products and help alleviate some of the country's unemployment. Morocco has poor communication systems but there are plenty of transportation systems. Morocco holds potential for a
new company, but not necessarily for an already established company.