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Lover's Quarrel

Is there truly a bond between us two
Or just a fantasy of love?
Does fate drive the things I do?
Or is it you, watching from above?

I tire of the struggle-day in and day out
I forfeit, and bow before you.
To be beheaded without shout
or to be knighted for deeds I did not do.

Will you break me?
Or will you shelter this young fool?
Am I so blind that I see
What role I have, your tool?

The battle was long and vicious.
Your goal to win, mine to lose
so when you are victorious,
whom has won? Whom?

If you wish, break me-
I want only rest
But if you demand of me
battle I shall give my best.

And when you win
is it a true victory?
Or will on my face, a grin,
betray me for you to see?

~Justin Curtiss