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Goddess and Man

She danced in the night Amongst crystal wood,
And in delight I watched and stood.
Hidden behind a tree I watch her spells
Bring tranquility to the sound of bells

She spun an twirled, naked and shining
Her night cloak curled, covering, twining,
Her beautiful skin as she pranced and leapt.
Here was my sin, for forward I crept.

The dance had stopped-Thou the night still swirled
Her last breath, chopped, her head the black hurled.
Severed from her body, as natureís balance tipped.
Her dance, holding at bay, the evil which now ripped.

How frail the mana weaves, holding natureís taint
Which I, like fall leaves, trampled and crushed
And in ignorance I had unleashed the beast
Which makes men mad and on human flesh feasts.

I turned and ran, shattering crystal trees
The beast chased me, acid flesh, melting leaves
Itís ichorous form gained, attacked, and consumed me
And now I see, through hate and misery, the beast is me

~Justin Curtiss