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General Pages A great resource for general information about various religions, also includes other tools such as prayer circles and forums Have an opinion about something? Find a bumper-sticker, patch, pin, etc. about it here. Great source of Gefilte fish emblems Huge source of web developer tools Simple and free tutorial for newbie HTML users If you liked the pic on my intro page, go here for more

Friend's Sites

My Oddessy: Danya's page... she was the first inspiration for this site- it's a lot like mine but her 'drivel' is not as shallow as mine
Erin McG's Site: A whole art-manga thing... I don't know- it's cool, check it out
BJ's Site
Meagan's LiveJournal: a crazy friend's journal
Val's LiveJournal: another crazy friend's journal
Steven's LiveJournal: see above =0p

Band Sites

Godsmack: The name speaks for itself
Harry Dash: A Florida Band... they're really good
Prodigy: Not the official site, but the next best thing
Disturbed: They're just SUCH a happy band
Eve: RuffRyder's first lady...
Orgy: Vapor transmissions- official site
Linkin Park: Anger without cursing... that's a first
A Perfect Circle: Just an awesome band.. breathe