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I'm too lazy to make a table for all these damn pics, so these are just gonna be links... deal with it.

Various Art/Artists:

Medusa- Achilleos
She-Cupid-Devil (aka. Idk what the title is- Achilleos
Moon Goddess- Bell
Where Moonbeams Fall- Bell
Autumn- Bowser
Cas- Bowser
Dark- Bowser
Isis- Bowser
Tide- Bowser
Biomechanoid Lanscape- Scythe- Giger
Carmen I- Giger
Chateau De Gruyeres II- Giger
ELP II- Giger
Unknown Title- Giger
Omni- Giger
Alien Princess- Coriat
Witch- Coriat
Cat Eyes- Shaw
Broken- Tsubasa (very similar to intro pic by Royo)


Prodigy Pics

Keith Quote: Previously found at the now dead Official Prodge site
Liam Quote: Also could have been found at the old site
Maxim Quote: Same as above
Leeroy Quote: You got the deal by now, right?
Chins: Group Pic
Group Pic(1)
Group Pic(2)
Group Pic(3)
Liam in Breathe Vid
Liam in Poison Vid
Liam by a Fruit Bowl(?)
Liam during a set
Liam looking HOT in the studio
Liam in Breathe Vid(2)
Maxim... very Green
Maxim... very manic
Keith showing off his tattoo
Keith showing off "Mighty Foam (from Electronic Punks)
Maxim and Keith